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I just wanted to say how impressed we were on the CoolSlim Body wrap.


I lost 18 inches from one CoolSlim Body Wrap. It gives me encouragement in my battle against my bulge!


I lost 56cm using the CoolSlim Wrap as part of a weight loss programme. I used the CoolSlim Plan too. Using them together helped me lose weight and feel toned and tightened. I lost about 7 stones or so. Only problem ! know have is a lot of excess flappy skin under my arm. The CoolSlim Wrap helps but I need to be doing a lot of weight bearing exercises too.

Seema / (Bucks)

“What a fantastic Wrap! Very pleased with the results and can’t get over how great the skin feels and looks now.”


Lost 10 inches in total..encouraging..hope I can carry on at this rate.


I like the product. I found using the water proof films a bit tricky first but I got used to them soon enough. I recommend the Wrap though.