Can This Really Help In Slimming?

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Can This Really Help In Slimming?

Losing weight quickly can give loss of weight for a few days and this does give encouragement and motivation. If you carry on a low-calorie diet for some time it ends up as a crash diet. Is this a good thing? No, if you eat less, your sodium intake is likely to be lower. This usually means that the first few pounds lost are mostly water weight. The body could be deprived of necessary nutrients found in food causing you to be less healthy. Eating all necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins are important in any dieting programme. If you cannot get these through your diet take a food supplement. Losing weight too quickly can slow your metabolism and make you gain more weight when you resume eating normally. So what should you do?

Eat six small meals a day helps your metabolism and helps. If you want to lose weight, eat when you need to and continue consuming fewer calories than you burn. In Ayurveda, we say that digestive juices are at their peak in the mornings than at lunchtime followed by evening time so eat a healthy breakfast. If you are not a breakfast person then have a hearty lunch rather than dinner. Make sure you eat regularly, every 3 hours.

Eat all six tastes. In the book Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever wrote by us, Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot our research from Japan shows that people living in the mainland on traditional Japanese diets are not as obese as those Japanese who live in the main cities and eat more fast foods such as burgers, pizzas and fried chicken. So what is the difference in their diets? Primarily traditional Japanese, Chinese and Indian foods have all the six tastes. This means that the tongue’s thousands of taste receptors are more satisfied. There is less of a craving to eat more…but do not eat large portions. To get the six tastes eat sugar, salt, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent foods daily.

If you feel this would not work with you sprinkle six taste spices on your food, such as the Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix.

Eat sweets. Do not deprive yourself of sugar – you are setting yourself up to fall. If you like sugary things eat them but instead eat a smaller piece of cake for example.

Exercise – weight bearing and cardio. Muscle does burn more calories than fat, but according to Dr Claude Bouchard, the muscle will burn six calories a day, while a pound of fat will burn two. Cardio exercises are more important as calories are shed with them. Exercise is good for you, but don’t undo all the good work. Eat a small snack of nuts and raisins instead or one of the low Kapha energy foods. For a list email us.

Weigh yourself daily on an empty stomach as weight can fluctuate because of the food you eat and water retention. Keep a daily a journal of your weekly progress.


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