Slimming wraps have been used since Egyptian times for slimming and toning for special days or part of a slimming programme. Traditionally wrapping has involved using bandages or a film. The CoolSlim Wrap, however, uses a revolutionary technique using CoolSlim neophrene belts.

There is no more need to use wet bandages. The CoolSlim Wrap can help you look slimmer and more toned within one hour – one of the fastest way to look slimmer. The Gopichand Clay blend, Sea Weed, and Salt have a powerful detoxifying, firming and toning effect. To look and feel slimmer have a healthy diet, regular exercise, drink plenty of water and use the CoolSlim belts in between wraps. Our approach is based on tried and tested botanicals. To lose weight visit our CoolSlim Plan website.

The CoolSlim Wrap is a celebrity favourite used in The Only Way Is Essex and is endorsed by ex-Miss England Jessica Linley and Professor Romesh Gupta of Lancaster University. It is one of the fastest growing beauty products in the UK!